Why you need a website

We live in the digital age now and everything…. by everything I mean EVERYTHING is online now. From your high school alumni to work camps, literally everything is online now. Clearly there is a lot going on online.

A lot of people from Zimbabwe are reluctant to get a website, they simply think social media is enough to scored a sale. Do not get me wrong, social media allows you to engage with your customers- it helps; But to be honest, the Zimbabwean client base is demanding. They (customers) want more. More this, more that, more that. With the current mentality of Zimbabweans- they always want professional things; you cannot survive without a website, honestly. A lot of business leads are happening online. Imagine how many people google up products and services online. Just take a moment to contemplate how many people google stuff online….. I will wait….. You done? Here are the stats:

An average internet user conducts between 3 and 4 Google searches per day. This is another indirect way to figure out how many people use Google Search globally. With close to 7 billion searches handled on average by Google in a day, the number of people using Google on a daily basis comes to roughly 1.7 billion.

When you have a website, you have the power to reach over 8 billion people. Let that sink in. Here in Zim, people are slow to catch on trends. Let that be their problem. You have to take this advantage and grow your business, by the time the competition catches on- you would have dominated the niche baby.

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