Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe

You can get free web hosting here:

Let’s face it- a website is necessary. Very necessary. Most of the time having a website is the de facto of winning a market or losing a market.

With that said. Should you pay for a website? Sure! Understand though that there is a huge difference between web design and web hosting even though it leads to one outcome which is having a website and having custom emails and well, a lot of international exposure.

You definitely have to pay your designer for your web design work otherwise you might get a crappy website that dies the opposite of what you want it to do. It is different web hosting. You do no necessarily have to pay for web hosting if you do not use use a lot of server resources. You can use a good free web hosting service for years and never face any problems along the way.

Do not believe me?

Try and get back to me- or my team.

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